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The Dr. Alberto De Pra’ dental surgery is specialised in the most advanced techniques for oral cavity care and ensures absolute seriousness and competence.

The surgery is at the forefront in terms of technology and technical skills, and has three air-conditioned operating rooms.

The Dr. Alberto De Pra’ dental surgery, located in a historic building in the heart of Venice, a stone’s throw from Piazza San Marco, has been active since the 1950s and during its long history has always placed the emphasis on care and professionalism in its dental activity and on attention to the patient.

Refresher courses and specialisations



  • SIOI refresher course for the diffusion of Paediatric Dentistry at the University of Padua​
  • Course in contemporary Oral and Cranio-Maxillofacial Surgery​
  • Adavaned pre-implant training course in the aesthetic rehabilitation of severe atrophic jaws at the University of Padua
  • Course of mini-invasive implant surgery​
  • Theoretical-practical course in implantology on patients​
  • Theoretical-practical course in Implantology and Implantoprosthesis – Immediate and deferred loading implantology





Dental implants are the best solution for most people who have lost one or more teeth, offering a complete and pleasing solution for improving their smile.

Oral Hygiene and Prevention


Oral hygiene consists of removing of bacterial plaque in excess on teeth and gums which, if it solidifies, is known as tartar. Ultrasonic instruments or manual instruments called currettes, usually used for deeper subgingival hygiene, are used for this removal.

The surgery also uses a preventive instrument, SirioInspect, for the control and recognition of caries. Through a fluorescent red light, SirioInspect immediately identifies deayed tissue, thus enabling proper removal.

Surgery staff will provide you with all the instructions and information for proper oral hygiene and will be pleased to follow adults and children on their oral health educational path.

Oral Surgery


This area brings together the surgical interventions related to the oral cavity, such as tooth or root extraction, removal of tooth apices or cysts, or even bone reconstruction.



Endodontics is the branch of dentistry that deals with the removal of the dental pulp and sealing of root canals. Endodontic treatment, also called root canal treatment, removes degenerated pulp to prevent infection from spreading, leading to tooth loss. The pulp can degenerate for several reasons: deep caries, mechanical trauma, and even a severe periodontal infection.



Periodontics deals with periodontal disease, an infectious disease of the gums caused mainly by the formation of bacteria and viruses in the mouth.

Periodontitis is manifested through gum bleeding due to the presence of plaque and tartar, gingival retraction, and sensitivity to heat and cold, until the movement and falling out of teeth.

Preventing periodontal diseases (gingivitis, periodontitis) right from their early phases is the best way to keep teeth and gums healthy for much longer.

Antibiotic treatment does not always guarantee satisfactory and lasting results, given the side effects of drugs.

In our surgery, after careful oral hygiene, patients can take advantage of a highly innovative and minimally invasive instrument, FotoSan 630, which uses photodynamic therapy to eliminate 99% of bacteria with immediate benefits and no side effects.

Conservative dentistry


Conservative dentistry is a branch of dentistry that deals mainly with the curing of dental caries. Its purpose, as its name suggests, is to retain (conserve) teeth affected by caries, fractures, etc. in the mouth, by first eliminating the decayed tissue and then restoring form, function and, thanks to modern techniques, the original aesthetics of teeth.

Teeth whitening



Air-Flow is the innovative whitening system with no chemical action on the tooth, which functions only through the mechanical action of bicarbonate crystals. Using this mechanical process, teeth resume their natural white colour without any artificial chemical action.

White and healthy teeth convey joy of life and energy – and in the world of today represent a very important status symbol.